Cheapest Heating Oil Prices in Ireland (500 Litres)

Cheapest Price Chart for 500 litres of Kerosene Heating Oil in Ireland Cheapest Oil Prices Ireland

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Heating oil tends to be cheaper around cities, especially Cork and Dublin, and more expensive in remote areas.

We've seen price differences across the country of up to €150. The difference is largely because of increased competition in the cities, and the higher cost of delivery in rural areas.

If you think heating oil is cheap in the summer and expensive in the winter, think again.

In fact, oil prices are driven by the global economy, demand in large counties like China and India, speculation on the futures market, exchange rates, and more. This means future prices are very hard to predict, and the weather in Ireland makes very little difference!

Over 1.5 million households in the Republic of Ireland are heated with heating oil (kerosene). Oil is an efficient fuel and burns very hot, making it the fastest way to warm your house up.

Household heating oil usage varies from around 1300 litres a year in a 3 bedroom house to 2600 litres for a 5 bedroom house.

Unfortunatley it accounts for a quarter of Ireland's CO2 emissions, so it's important to use heating oil efficiently.

To keep your heating efficient:

  • Service your boiler once a year.
  • Turn your thermostat down just 1 degree.
  • Keep furniture away from your radiators.
  • Turn off radiators in rooms you don't use.
  • Make sure your hot water tank and attic are well insulated.

These tips will help you burn less kerosene, save money, and reduce your CO2 emmisions.

We collect kerosene prices from oil companies all over Ireland to provide the latest prices. Heating Oil prices change all the time, and in recent years 1000 Litres has cost as much as €1550 and as little as €330, so if you buy heating oil, you should keep an eye on the price.


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