Heating Oil Prices in Limerick / Luimneach (500 Litres)

Price Chart for 500 litres of Kerosene Heating Oil in Limerick / Luimneach  Oil Prices Limerick / Luimneach

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3 Oil companies in Limerick / Luimneach

500 Litres €545.00
1000 Litres €1,070.00
500 Litres €550.00
1000 Litres €1,080.00
500 Litres €563.02
1000 Litres €1,105.04

We collect kerosene prices from oil companies all over Ireland to provide the latest prices. Heating Oil prices change all the time, and in recent years 1000 Litres has cost as much as €1550 and as little as €330, so if you buy heating oil, you should keep an eye on the price.

The average oil price chart is a good guide to the price you will actually pay for kerosene, as some of the prices shown may no be available in your area.


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